June 10, 2010

All my work is in progress

This is a dreamcatcher I'm making. It's a work in progress.

I've started and not-yet-finished several art objects in the past few months. This tends to be the way I work as an artist: an organic start-and-stop, shift-and-reshift of focus, letting things marinate. I have complicated long-term relationships with what I'm creating. Very often this seems to echo the gestation of a human infant. There's a conception event, several months of development (physical, mind-spirit, or some of each), followed eventually by the midwifing of a physical presence in the world that was not there before.

A list of projects that are in various stages of gestation at the moment: A series of stitched mandalas in hoops. Several essays. A new interest in jewelry-making, from the perspective of amulets or talismans. Collage work in an old planner.

Less tangible things that are also, always, works in progress: My job search. My professional identity. My creative and personal self-understanding. And, weaving in and out of all of these, my efforts at maitri (compassion for oneself).

All my work is in progress.

What are you working on? Or, put another way: What's working on you?

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