December 5, 2010

Reverb10: Letting Go

This month I'm participating in Reverb10 with creative responses to daily prompts as a reflection on the year.  I'll be including some of my written and/or art responses here.

Today's prompt: What (or whom) did you let go of this year?

I can't seem to find the answer to this question. Is there one answer? Is there a concrete list of things I've let go of in 2010? I think maybe this is such a difficult question for me because I never feel like I truly, permanently let go of anything. Every person to whom I've ever said goodbye, whether by choice or unexpectedly, has left an imprint on my heart. Every lesson or awareness that comes from growth has altered my relationship with something, yet still I cycle through these lessons again and again, if perhaps with a deeper or wider learning each time.

I could make a list of things that I wish I had truly let go of this year, that I want to be done with abruptly instead of gradually. I could describe in great detail what I've been grasping onto repeatedly. But letting go? That's like breathing out. It's only one part of the dance.

Wanna play? Find out more at the Reverb10 website or follow along on Twitter with the #reverb10 hashtag.


  1. I love the movement from struggling to answer the question to the confidence of "But letting go? That's like breathing out. It's only one part of the dance." And that is so going on my inspiration quotation board!

  2. I agree with you Tracy, I am never able to completely let go of anything. I have worked to make the things that I do keep less of a negative aspect and I try to incorporate the good and positive that was in the experience. Sometimes that is hard and a work in progress. The imprints on our hearts are what keep us real and human...I feel that they are our unique journey on this life. Keep reflecting.