December 1, 2010

Reverb10: One Word

This month I'm participating in Reverb10 with creative responses to daily prompts as a reflection on the year.  I'll be including some of my written and/or art responses here.

Today's prompt asks us to choose one word to summarize 2010, then consider what one word we'd like to be using in December 2011 to describe the year ahead.

My one word for 2010 (okay, really an adjective phrase) is touch and go. This expression has multiple connotations. People frequently describe a situation as being "touch and go" when things are unpredictable, risky, precarious, with an uncertain outcome--and that pretty accurately describes the past year for me. Things were up, things were down, and nothing turned out to be quite what it seemed at first. But "touch and go" also holds a very different meaning for me because of my exposure to the "touch and go" meditation technique, which is a way to find balance within the two extremes of withdrawing from experience and clinging to experience. The past year has been an off-the-cushion experiential in returning to the middle place between grasping and letting go.

My word for the upcoming year is embodiment. Some of what this word means for me: tangible expression of ideas or qualities; being authentically representative; deep relationship with self that is grounded in community; here and now presence; a way of being that leads to creation.

Wanna play? Find out more at the Reverb10 website or follow along on Twitter with the #reverb10 hashtag.


  1. :) "Being authentically representative"

  2. I like that phrase very much, especially since it has the double meaning! *please* keep going with the prompts; I'd love to hear more.